Open a coffee shop,Travel around the world,This should be my life.

Who am I

I wish I were an interesting person

Mofei Zhu (朱文龙)

Born in 1989 AD, latitude 32.6167° longitude 116.9833°, Earth, Milky Way. Homo sapiens, Homo, Hominidae, Primates, Mammalia.

Optimistic, Adorable, Passionate, Mysterious and Charming, Tough yet soft, Ambitious, typical Scorpio.

Computer & Program fans

Start Front-End in 2010, move to Chinese biggest IT company Baidu in 2014 to be an excellent Full Stack engineer. Start a new career at Mapbox in 2018 .


Arty & Dream follower

Been to Roof of the World Tibet, Dived into the deep sea in Semporna as Advanced Open Water Diver. The South/North Pole, Mount Everest are the places where I muse go by my foot

Dream of opening a coffee shop, decorated with my IT skills, telling my own story of traveling around the world

Travel around the world

Exploration is one of my life goals and also my belief

A Dream follower

This world , should a coffee shop called mofei

I want to have a cafe

Do not need too big, every lazy afternoon, you can meet a group of dreamers with dreams

Must have pictures, walk in every corner of the coffee shop, always attract by those, careful taste, this is life

Be sure to have storys, every sunny afternoon, there will always be a wise sharer, telling of his life. Occasionally there will be rose level characters, telling his Titanic

To be warm. When you sad or unhappy, always think of this coffee shop, find a comfortable sofa, taste the grinding of handmade coffee. listening to the story of 'rose', suddenly laughter can not help laughing, and then not Puzzled cover her mouth, in exchange for all the people knowing smile

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